Konkrete Boys Hit the HEAVY MTL Festival

Posted on 08/20/12

My friend Alex and I (Harry, of the Konkrete Team), are old skateboard buddies going way back before I can even care to remember. Alex, who is in just for the weekend, tells me of the Heavy MTL festival and as a true friend I offer to buy us both some tickets.
We party together Friday night listening to Marilyn Manson and the Deftones, totally psyched for Saturday’s All-Day Jam session. As luck would have it, we wake up and it’s pissing rain. No problems, we know exactly how to rock out and we figure the rain is just going to make the concert that much more awesome, dirty and fun. We were right!
We arrive late and our first show is Goatwhore. I have to admit the name still gives me the chuckles, but this band is awesome and Alex and I are immediately having a gnarly time.
Needless to say the following performances from Deftones, Five finger Death Punch and System of a Down are nothing but epic.
We rocked out heavy, had a couple beers, got very dirty and even got to meet some crazy characters wearing our Konkrete shoes.

My only regret is not buying the ticket for Sunday’s line up! If you get the chance next year, even if it’s raining, suck it up and hit this festival. You won’t regret it!


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