Konkrete Team Rider: KEVIN FABREGUE

Posted on 10/03/12

Date: SATURDAY, September 29, 2012 – 2:27 PM
Location: Taz Skatepark, Montreal Quebec
Interview: Frank Lavallee vs. Kevin Fabregue
Photographer: Jacinthe Fortier
Frank : Hey so tell us your name? and where you from?
Kevin: Kevin Fabregue, REPENTIGNY, QUEBEC
Frank: How long you been riding BMX now ?
Kevin: It’s been pretty much 3 years. Before that I was big into mountain biking.
Frank: You work at the Taz often? You’re here a lot eh.
Kevin: Ya I help teach kids when they have birthdays here and also sometimes do private lessons. You can catch me here pretty much all winter.
Frank: What’s the last trick that you worked on and achieved recently ?
Kevin: The double tail whip.
Frank: Sick…so how long have you been riding for Konkrete ?
Kevin: Just about a month now
Frank: Congratulations.. what hair color you like on your girls…hahha
Kevin: Brown
Frank: What’s your favourite color ?
Kevin: Red
Frank: Niiice… Where you see yourself in 5 years ?
Kevin: I see myself still training hard and just trying to get the furthest i can possible.  
Frank: You got any advice for the kids riding BMX ?
Kevin: Always go hard , try your best and don’t give up when you’re having trouble nailing down a trick.
Frank: Konkrete just came out with a new BMX series shoe. What do you think about it, you like it ?
Kevin: Ya it’s real good, I like that the outsole is nice and hard.  The padding inside is real thick and it’s a mid-cut so it holds my ankles well. The price ain’t bad either… hahaa.
Frank: I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of you here at Taz this winter.. and certainly with all the projects coming up this year touring with Konkrete. Welcome to the team Kevin.
Kevin: Yesssir, thanks Frank.


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