Do it Yourself Galaxy Shoes

Posted on 12/19/12

Well the winter months have really hit us now. Your poor little skate shoes are stuck inside with you so it’s the perfect time to give them a little make over!

Here’s a little step by step for the cutest galaxy shoes using Konkrete’s Brussels all black model.
(Be careful to not use cheapy shoes for this project, they will fall apart, but as you will see the Konkrete model was perfect).
What you need
  • Tape
  • Sponge
  • Small paint brush
  • Acrylic paint (dark blue, bright pink, light blue and white)
  • Glitter top coat (clear coat with glitter in it.)
Step 1: Take out the laces and tape the soles and tags so they don’t get any paint on them.
Step 2: Paint with a sponge the whole exterior of the canvas dark blue.
Step 3: Paint pink sploches where ever you like with the spunge.
Step 4: Sponge the  light blue paint around the pink parts.
Step 5: Paint over the entire shoe with the navy blue like in step two. Don’t worry the colors will show through more as the paint drys. 
Step 6: With the small paint brush make little dots with white paint for the stars.
Step 7: Using the glitter top coat cover the entire shoe.
Let it dry for about 48 hours, and voilà perfect galaxy shoes!


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