DIY: Lace Belt

Posted on 04/25/13

Konkrete always puts extra laces inside our shoe boxes so that you can change the style of your shoes with ease and so you always have an extra set of laces in case your laces rip.  
If you are not using these extra laces, here is a fun and easy way to turn these laces into perfectly good belt.
Step 1. Pick 2 laces that you have available. Make sure they are the same length.
Step 2. Tie a simple knot at each ends of the lace so that your two laces become one.
Step 3. Feed the lace belt through your belt holes
Step 4. Tie your lace belt like you would your shoe, remember your “bunny ears”. Cross the laces, then make a loop with both ends and simply tie a knot with them.
Don’t get hurt  with a thick belt that will dig into your hip when bending down or when you fall from doing a set. Shoelace belts are comfortable and offer excellent support plus style.
That’s it, you got yourself a perfectly good lace belt. Hope you enjoy ! Make sure to share your DIY pictures with us on Instagram at #konkrete #konkreteshoes


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