DIY OF THE DAY: Slave Bracelet

Posted on 11/11/14

Wanna get rid of your pre-teen jewelry?

Slave bracelets are an awesome way to upcycle necklaces that are broken or that you don't want to wear anymore. It's cool, it's simple and it's super cute!

You will need:

-Jewelry pliers
-The chain of an old necklace
-Beads of your choice
-One clasp and a jump ring


Fold the chain in half and thread the beads. Put your middle or ring finger in the hole formed above the pearls. Adjust the ring and block the beads by using a thin string or a jump ring to create the ring portion of the handpiece.


Make sure the chain forms a triangle below the beads and add a clasp on one of the two ends of the triangle. This triangle allows the chain to surround the wrist and make the bracelet section. Then you attach it on your wrist and voila. 


There you go! You got yourself a bad ass customized free handpiece!


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